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Virtual Reality view of a whole rainbow
The round Ploumanach's rocks
Moon-Venus-Mars conjunction
44473 times
Moonset over Douarnenez
31794 times
Moon games
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At the end of the Kervilor Cove
33434 times
The fisherman and the whale
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The Mily Way from the Pointe de Kerpenhir
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On a slipway in Penmarc'h
34863 times
Astronomical twilight in Penmarc'h
35090 times
Paimpont Abbay
52772 times
Pontusval Lighthouse
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 My digital cameras and lenses (Total: 2410 €)
 DSLR Canon 350D
What a great digital camera! Why do I love it? Because I can shoot at 800 ASA with good quality result. With such a low noise, I can at last take the pictures I was dreaming about: capture night scene in a few second, without any startrail.

Price (with the Sigma 18-50 EX DC): 940 €
 Sigma 18-50 f2.8 EX DC
I bought this second-hand lens on It was sold along with the Canon 350D. I known its very good reputation. In astrophoto, I didn't have to close the aperture, because it gives good pictures even at f2.8. It is more expensive than the one sold usually with the 350D, but I have no regrets!
 Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6 EX HSM DC
I was loving so much the pictures I took with my old Zuiko 16 mm fisheye. So, as soon as I had the money, I bought it. Like the 18-50, this 10-20 mm ultra wide angle zoom is very good (construction and optic). It is better than more expensive Canon lenses. On Ebay, I bought it only 400 €. It doesn't curve the straight lines (the Zuiko does). So I can place the horizon near the bottom of my picture without any curvature.

Price: 400 €
 Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6 APO Macro
It is far from the quality of the 2 previous lenses, but it is usable. With it, I was able to make nice pictures, even if they weren't perfect. I would prefer a higher aperture telezoom, but not for the moment (I have to save money!).

Price: 160 €
 Peleng 8 mm f3.5
It a bloody solid lens! Built in metal, its an heavy fisheye. Its field is even higher than the Sigma 10-20 one and it strongly bends the parallels. But that can give a nice "special effect".

Price: 210 €
 Olympus Camedia 5060 Bridge
Before buying the Canon DSLR, I bought this Camedia 5060. This very good reputation bridge allow me to make some really nice digital shots. Of course, I was far from the very low noise of the 350D, but with its rotating LCD monitor, I can steal some pictures of people without being saw. And with its 2 minutes maximum exposure time I had been able to capture some interesting scene.
This is with this bridge that I start to realize the pictures for my Full Moon libration animation.

Price: 700 €
A Shower of
Stars in Brittany

A Shower of in Brittany
Brittany by night
in panorama!

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