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 About the price of my instruments
The total price of my instruments is more than 3000 €. That makes a few salaries, but I'll try to show you that this isn't so expensive...

Let's start with a resume:
- Megrez refractor: 350 €
- Chinese refractor (I use only its mount): 490 €
- Digital photo stuff: 2410 €
- Photo accessories: 450 €
TOTAL: 3700 €

I'm not counting the film stuff (about 1500 €) because i don't use it any more, nor the computer (PC, CRT screen, some hard disks), about 1200 € that I use for somethink else.

That seems to be very expensive! But it has to be compare to the price of astronomy stuff. For example, some eyepieces cost the price of my Megrez refractor. And what about a very good 110 mm refractor at 3500 € (without any accesories!) or a solid mount at more than 4000 €!
I understand their high price due to high quality, but I just can't buy that! So, I asked myself how to make nice photo for less. And, with an original point of view, and by buying camera stuff gradually, I made some unique pictures (regarding what astrophotographs do usually). With more expensive stuff, I could have done better pictures, but I'm not sure that someone notice it!

Finally, why is it good to be "poor"? With more expensive instruments, I could have done some closeup on Copernicus or some very nice pictures of the Great Nebula in Orion or the Veil Nubula. But nyone with a better instrument and a better sky could make better pictures (Hubble Space Telescope for example)! And where is the interest in making the same pictures as evereybody? My photos are unique. Not because that's the best pictures in the World, but because their foreground, they couldn't have been taken by someone else elsewhere in the World. More, they form a consistent collection (my style) whose I'm proud.

Finally, those photos make people dreaming, whatever their studies of their interest in sciences. So maybe astro amateur think my pictures are ridiculous (but you can tell me you enjoy them by sending me an email) but they make people realize that the night is nice. And I'm happy with it!
A Shower of
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A Shower of in Brittany
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