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At the foot of the Ploumanac'h lighthouse
Sunset on the sea
Launch too late
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Too late!
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Still missed!
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Still missed!
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One more time, I made a mistake to take a picutre of an Iridium flash. That time, I wasn's sure to have activated the blocking ring of the shutter release. So, I pushed it and finished the pose. I hoped to have enough time to rearm and launch anew. It didn't.
In this picture Iridium 17 flash to magnitude -7. With such a sparkle, the presence of clouds is good for the esthetic effect.
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Instrument   Zuiko 55 mm 1:4.0 lens
Exposure & film   30 s on Sensia 200
Date & place   October 9, 2003, Quimper

 The others pictures of "Iridium Flashes: don't do the same!"
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