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Colorful Moon
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Colorful Moon
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The Moon seems to be simply white, or orange/red if it is near the horizon. But do you knaw that it has in fact some colors depending the nature of its terrains?
In this picture, I have increased digitaly the saturation of its color in order to reveal its true visage. The Seas (covered by solid lavas) are mostly blue or orange, while its craterised areas are pinkish.
With a telescope, you can verify it by yourself: examine the Sea of Tranquility (the sea with undefined borders on the right of the Moon) and you'll see its blue color which seems to have overflown in the Sea of Serenity (just above the Sea of Tranquility).
Seen 26361 times
Instrument   Canon 350D + Barlow 2x + WO Megrez 960/80 (F/D 12.0) refractor, composite of 29 pictures
Exposure & film   1/200 s on
Date & place   July 12, 2006,

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