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The Full Moon appears
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The Full Moon appears
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The Full Moon appears
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12 minutes after the green flash as the Sun was setting, the Moon is rising. Installed atop the Pointe de la Torche mound, my horizon is very open.
When it emerge from behind the horizon (just above what seems to be a pigpen!), it is inconspicuous. But I was waiting for it, so I noticed it quickly. Then little by little, it is rising, becoming more round, more sharp, more bright and more white.
Each picture from this composite had been taken 3 minutes after the previous one.

Have a look to those animations showing the green flash:
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Instrument   Canon 350D + WO Megrez 480/80 (F/D 6.0) refractor
Exposure & film   1/30 - 1/10 s on
Date & place   November 6, 2006, Pointe de la Torche (Finistère)

 The others pictures of "Full Beaver Moon (November)"
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 This picture has been published in
 The Guernsey Press
Illustration of an article about lunar illusion in the Guernsey Press on July 2, 2007.
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