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McNaught 40 minutes after the sunset
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A comet at sunset
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McNaught 40 minutes after the sunset
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The comet McNaught is the surpise of the beginning of '07. Its magnitude estimated at -2 makes it the brightest comet since 30 years, since comet West in 1976! With such a brilliance, it's not difficult to see it just 15 minutes after the sunset!
But I have to wait 25 more minutes till the comet is enough contrasted to make a nice picture in a sky becoming darker. The queue is easily visible.
It's hard to believe: 1/100 s at f/16 and 400 ASA is sufficient to catch the comet just 15 after the sunset!
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Instrument   200 mm focal length, composite of 5 pictures
Exposure & film   1/6 s with digital camera Canon 350D + Sigma 70-300 1:4-5.6
Date & place   January 10, 2007, Le Guilvinec

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