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Venus at its closest to the Pleiades
Long sun pillar
What is the heiligenschein?
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Heiligenschein in the grass
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Heiligenschein on large leaves
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What is the heiligenschein?
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576 x 768 pixels (122 kB)


 576 x 768 pixels 
(122 ko)
Instrument   76 mm focal length
Exposure & film   1/180 s with digital camera DC3400 Zoom
Date & place   January 24, 2004, Pont L'Abbé (Finistère)
Under this barbarian name (for my latin ears) of heiligenschein, is hidden a deutch word signifying "gloriole". It comes from the dew droplets hanging on leaves and acting as crude lenses. Then the light cast on the leaves make the inverse path to illuminate the observer located between the Sun and the leaves. See this reference page about the heiligenschein.
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