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Hyakutake at its closest
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The long Hyakutake tail
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The long Hyakutake tail
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 543 x 768 pixels 
(154 ko)
Instrument   Zuiko 55 mm 1:4.0 lens
Exposure & film   20 min on Super HG800
Date & place   October 1996, Gréolière les Neiges (Alpes Maritimes)
The Hyakutake comet, a long time after its closest approach to Earth, still exhibit a very long gaz tail which cross all the field of the 55 mm lens. The shorter dust tail is visible in the lower part of the picture, partially mask by a tree. We notice the California Nebula in the left border. Coauthor Eric Codron.
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 Le ciel à l'oeil nu en 2006
Published in page 43 of "Le ciel à l'oeil nu en 2006"
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