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A Geminid reflects in the water
Twilight above the sea of clouds
At the end of the Kervilor Cove
2403 times
The fisherman and the whale
2378 times
The Mily Way from the Pointe de Kerpenhir
2038 times
On a slipway in Penmarc'h
1773 times
Astronomical twilight in Penmarc'h
1759 times
Paimpont Abbay
1807 times
Pontusval Lighthouse
2122 times
The Milky Way from Scorpius to Cygnus
2115 times
Mars above Virgin Island
4966 times
The Milky Way on a tree right
6218 times
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The Milky Way on a tree rightA tree against the MoonlightBack to Pen-HirThe Milky Way above the Tas de PoisFive zodiac constellations above the Tas de Pois
Close-up on SagittariusPanSTARRS and the oceanPanSTARRS is hiddenGreen flash, blue flashDifferent exposure times
Without or without the silhouette?The little house in Saint-CadoA tree among the menhirsWhere is Polaris?A car is passing
The Full Moon inside the Belt of VenusThe Full Moon just above the Belt of VenusBarred Full MoonThe Sun is just rising as the Full Moon is settingParhelic cricle and 120° parhelion
Parhelia and upper tangent arcEnd of the nautical twilightAt the middle of the astronomical twilightEnd of the astronomical twilightEnd of the astronomical twilight
Sagittarius hide behind the Meneham guardian houseGreen Flash just above the horizonVenus at its closest to the Pleiades
Venus shifting during two hoursWide panorama of the Tréguennec dunesDigging the MoonWater the MoonThe Moon in a wheelbarrow
Pruning the Moon as a bushPruning the Moon as a bushGardening thanks to the Harvest Full MoonScorpius with Sagittarius in ambushThe Moon on
PanSTARRS close to the horizonAt the edge of the rocky chaosThe Earthshine is risingNarrow rainbowLike a note on a score
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A Shower of
Stars in Brittany

A Shower of in Brittany
Brittany by night
in panorama!

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