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The Milky Way is passing above Virgin Island
Twilight above the sea of clouds
Moon-Venus-Mars conjunction
8626 times
Moonset over Douarnenez
6763 times
Moon games
11426 times
At the end of the Kervilor Cove
10249 times
The fisherman and the whale
11067 times
The Mily Way from the Pointe de Kerpenhir
10091 times
On a slipway in Penmarc'h
10175 times
Astronomical twilight in Penmarc'h
10127 times
Paimpont Abbay
10096 times
Pontusval Lighthouse
10299 times
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Beginning of the astronomical twilightNoctulescent clouds, Venus and MarsVenus beside a treeISS in the twilightISS in the twilight
ISS in the twilightMoon coronaMoon coronaMoon coronaBabak Tafreshi in action!
Orion piercedShifting of Venus shadowThe vivid VenusFace to VenusFace to Venus
Close Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunctionPartial lunar elipse on August 16, 2008Bright moondogsLower moon pillarBright moondogs
Bright moondogsBright moondogsWhat time is it?What time is it?What time is it?
What time is it?What time is it?How big is the Moon?How big is the Moon?Sundog away from 22° halo
Moon-Pleiades conjunctionMoon-Pleiades conjunctionMoon-Pleiades conjunctionMoon-Pleiades conjunctionMoon-Pleiades conjunction
Moon-Pleiades conjunctionMoon-Pleiades conjunctionCircumzenithal arc in close upCircumzenithal arc in close upCircumzenithal arc
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A Shower of
Stars in Brittany

A Shower of in Brittany
Brittany by night
in panorama!

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