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Full Moon Halo
Two Geminids in the Milky Way
Mars above Virgin Island
364 times
The Milky Way on a tree right
2184 times
The Milky Way above a tree
2445 times
During the astronomical twilight
2511 times
The gegenschein in the heart of the village of Locronan
2033 times
The village of Locronan under the Milky Way
1534 times
Camaret boat cemetery
1778 times
The Milky Way is reflecting in the ocean
1787 times
Close-up on Sagittarius
1973 times
Five zodiac constellations above the Tas de Pois
1788 times
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Venus beside a treeISS in the twilightISS in the twilightISS in the twilightMoon corona
Moon coronaMoon coronaBabak Tafreshi in action!Orion piercedShifting of Venus shadow
The vivid VenusFace to VenusFace to VenusClose Moon-Venus-Jupiter conjunctionPartial lunar elipse on August 16, 2008
Bright moondogsLower moon pillarBright moondogsBright moondogsBright moondogs
What time is it?What time is it?What time is it?What time is it?What time is it?
How big is the Moon?How big is the Moon?Sundog away from 22° haloMoon-Pleiades conjunctionMoon-Pleiades conjunction
Moon-Pleiades conjunctionMoon-Pleiades conjunctionMoon-Pleiades conjunctionMoon-Pleiades conjunctionMoon-Pleiades conjunction
Circumzenithal arc in close upCircumzenithal arc in close upCircumzenithal arc The Earth shadow reaveled by satellitesSatellite flash
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A Shower of
Stars in Brittany

A Shower of in Brittany
Brittany by night
in panorama!

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