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Summer Evening Milky Way
Back to Pen-Hir
Moon-Venus-Mars conjunction
45779 times
Moonset over Douarnenez
33136 times
Moon games
44524 times
At the end of the Kervilor Cove
34681 times
The fisherman and the whale
36244 times
The Mily Way from the Pointe de Kerpenhir
57742 times
On a slipway in Penmarc'h
36247 times
Astronomical twilight in Penmarc'h
36360 times
Paimpont Abbay
54210 times
Pontusval Lighthouse
34862 times

Mon portfolio en PDF
  Starry adventures 445 pictures 
- Series of pictures taken for an especial event
Starry adventures
  Moon games 78 pictures 
Our Moon games invovling Sabine and the Moon
Moon games
  Conjunctions and trans... 190 pictures 
- Conjunctions with the planets
- Conjunctions with the Moon
- Venus transit
Conjunctions and transits
  In the sky 276 pictures 
- Solar and lunar halos, parhelions, sun pillars
- Rainbows
- Auroras, lightnings
In the sky
  Moonrise 94 pictures 
- Moonrises
- Moonrise Atmosphere
- Moon games
  Moonsets 35 pictures 
- Moonsets
  The Constellations 107 pictures 
The constellations and their figure
The Constellations
  Eclipses 126 pictures 
- Lunar eclipse
- Solar eclipse
  Nocturnal Atmosphere 49 pictures 
- Nocturnal pictures
- Under the stars
- Under the Moon
Nocturnal Atmosphere
  Clouds 55 pictures 
- Orange clouds
- Storm clouds
- Cirrus...
  Planets 43 pictures 
- Moon phases
- Sun
- Moon
  Sunsets, green flash 42 pictures 
- Sunsets
- Green Flash
- Blue Flash
Sunsets, green flash
  Artificial Satellite 35 pictures 
- Iridium flashes
Artificial Satellite
  Comets 30 pictures 
Various comets which came to visit us.
  Star trails and deep s... 23 pictures 
- Circumpolaris
- Star trails
- Deep sky
Star trails and deep sky
  Atmosphere at the Pic ... 10 pictures 
- Atmosphere at the Pic du Midi in September 1995
Atmosphere at the Pic du Midi
  Leonids 39 pictures 
- Leonids in 2002
  Panoramas 55 pictures 
- Panoramas: clouds, sea, country and mountain
  Brittany coast under s... 41 pictures 
- The Brittany coast under stars, sea side and beach side
Brittany coast under stars
  3D Astronomy Pictures,... 23 pictures 
Starry sky, planets and Moon anaglyphs.
3D Astronomy Pictures, anaglyphs

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A Shower of
Stars in Brittany

A Shower of in Brittany
Brittany by night
in panorama!

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