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The Earth is round!
Bright moondogs
Mars above Virgin Island
2788 times
The Milky Way on a tree right
4602 times
The Milky Way above a tree
4972 times
During the astronomical twilight
5303 times
The gegenschein in the heart of the village of Locronan
3895 times
The village of Locronan under the Milky Way
3560 times
Camaret boat cemetery
3598 times
The Milky Way is reflecting in the ocean
3627 times
Close-up on Sagittarius
4034 times
Five zodiac constellations above the Tas de Pois
3586 times

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 Different exposure times 23 mars 2013 
Different exposure times These photos have been exposed, from left to right, 2.5 s, 5 s and 10 s. It allows me to see what the ocean looks like according the exposure time. Of course, the foam is more and ...
 A car is passing 23 mars 2013 
A car is passing As I'm doing this panorama, I hear a car approaching. I'm taking 3 photos: before it arrives (left), as it is approaching (middle) and as it is passing (right). Hence, I can realiz...
 Where is Polaris? 23 mars 2013 
Where is Polaris? Where is Polaris, aka the Northern Star, which allow you to find the North. If you can, spot Ursa Major, aka the Big Dipper. Take the 2 stars furthest from the handle and extend t...
 The long lasting work of erosion 22 mars 2013 
The long lasting work of erosion The time scales involved in the erosion of the "Côte Sauvage" of the Quiberon Peninsula are quite the same as the astronomy time scales.
 The Quarter Moon is setting 22 mars 2013 
The Quarter Moon is setting Now that the Moon has set, the sky is filled with stars. The Corvus, Virgo, Bootes and Coma Berenice are visible. The star on the center left is the planet Saturn in Libra. On the ...
 The Quarter Moon is setting 22 mars 2013 
The Quarter Moon is setting Now, the Quarter Moon is setting at the horizon, with the cliffs of the "Côte Sauvage" in the foreground. On the right, the light pollution of villages on the peninsula....
 Between the 22 mars 2013 
Between the A thick scum has accumulated between the cliffs of the Côte Sauvage ("Wild Coast"). In the sky, the constellation Leo. The Moon is going to set on the right outside the photo....
 The beach of Port Bara pebbles 22 mars 2013 
The beach of Port Bara pebbles Actually, the pebbles visible on the right are tens of centimeters large. They are lit by the Quarter Moon which will set in less than an hour. On the far right, the light pollutio...
 Above the Port Bara beach 22 mars 2013 
Above the Port Bara beach Waves from the open sea are breaking on the rocks of Port Bara, on the Quiberon Peninsula. In the sky: Corvus and higher on the left, Virgo.
 The ship cemetery of the Magouër 22 mars 2013 
The ship cemetery of the Magouër The Magouër, at the end of the Ria d'Etel, harbor a nice ship cemetery. The scene is lit by the city of Etel on the left and by the Quarter Moon on the right. Canis Major and Orion...
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A Shower of
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A Shower of in Brittany
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