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Photogenic light pollution
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Photogenic light pollution
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Instrument   Tamron 28 mm 1:4.0 lens
Exposure & film   30 s on Sensia 200
Date & place   January 3, 2003, Quimper
In astronomy, the street-lamps drive to light pollution. They mask dim objetcs because they light up the sky.
But sometimes, this blemish becomes esthetic. This is the caase that night of January 2003, when a light smoke (originated from a chimney) is blocked near the floor by a layer of cold air. Ths artificial mist draws the light cones of the two kind of street-lamps, one orange, the other one greenish.
Above, the stars of the Taurus, Orion and Auriga, along with the Pleiades and Jupiter (near one of the Taurus horn) shine mindless of our pour life of amateur astronomers.
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 Le ciel à l'oeil nu en 2005
Published in page 97 of "Le ciel à l'oeil nu en 2005"
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Published in the photo album of the Website "L'Internaute"
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 Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD)
Published as the picture of the day on January 13, 2004 on the Website Earth Science Picture of the Day.
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 "5 vies", le journal du Pays Créçois
Published in the Pays Créçois journal "5 vies" (2nd issue, Devember 2003) to illustrate a article about light pollution
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