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Overlighted chapel
Strong storm
Moon-Venus-Mars conjunction
45496 times
Moonset over Douarnenez
32822 times
Moon games
44155 times
At the end of the Kervilor Cove
34334 times
The fisherman and the whale
35955 times
The Mily Way from the Pointe de Kerpenhir
56967 times
On a slipway in Penmarc'h
35811 times
Astronomical twilight in Penmarc'h
36052 times
Paimpont Abbay
53676 times
Pontusval Lighthouse
34545 times

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 Orion above the cliffs 21 mars 2013 
Orion above the cliffs Planet Jupiter is shining brightly on the upper right. Lower on the left are visible Orion and Sirius (even lower). A Moon Quarter rising on the left is illuminating the Pointe de ...
 The "Tas de Pois" 21 mars 2013 
The I'm now at the Pointe de Penhir. The huge boulders of the "Tas de Pois" are standing on the ocean. Above are visible Sirius (on the left), Orion (at the center) and Jupiter (top ri...
 The 21 mars 2013 
The I'm standing atop a cliff located at the North of the Pointe de Dinan (visible on the left). At the center, the huge boulders of the "Tas de Pois" are visible at the horizon, and j...
 The Full Moon andJupiter 21 mars 2013 
The Full Moon andJupiter The Beavers Full Moon is in conjunction with Jupiter. If you click on the photo, you'll be able to see the tiny points formed by the biggest Jovian moons....
 The Full Moon behind the Perdrix Lighthouse 21 mars 2013 
The Full Moon behind the Perdrix Lighthouse Seen from the fishing port of Loctudy, one can see the silhouette of the lighthouse weathervane in front of the Beavers Full Moon.
 Green flash, blue flash 21 mars 2013 
Green flash, blue flash As the Sun is setting through the different cloud layers, the green rim atop the Sun disk suddenly appears as blue (on the left).
 PanSTARRS close to the horizon 21 mars 2013 
PanSTARRS close to the horizon Comet PanSTARRS is about to set. It is visible on the right, just under the clouds, on the green beacon left. The Moon obliterated by a cloud and reveals its crescent and illuminat...
 PanSTARRS is hidden 21 mars 2013 
PanSTARRS is hidden Now, comet PanSTARRS is hidden by the clouds. But the Moon and the orange tinted twilight are embellishing the photo.
 PanSTARRS and the ocean 21 mars 2013 
PanSTARRS and the ocean For once, this is a single shot, not a panorama. With this long lasting exposure (8 s), the ocean looks gorgeous due to the strong currents that sweep the "Raz de Sein"....
 PanSTARRS and the Moon 21 mars 2013 
PanSTARRS and the Moon With a larger framing, the Moon is appearing in the field of view of my new Canon 6D camera. The Moon is exhibiting its splendid Earthshine.
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